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There’s commercial e-mail you never want to see again. Commercial e-mail you want but don’t need to deal with immediately. And — maybe — commercial e-mail you can’t wait to read. Swizzle helps you sort it all out, by scanning your inbox for automated messages.
The first thing I noticed when I got my digest was how empty my inbox was. At least 15 of my regular emails were grouped into one convenient email that was easy to read on my phone and the computer. I also noticed I didn't miss the emails I had unsubscribed to — I actually couldn't even remember a lot of them.
The Swizzle [combines] all your newsletters, deals, and other commercial emails into a single email so they're not cluttering up your inbox.
We love it, and it's free! ... It funnels incoming blasts into a single skim-it-fast email with just your fave brands.
Of course, it also helps you 'enjoy deals' from vendors you do like, but the selling point is getting off of as many bulk-mailing lists as possible with one fell swoop.
...theSwizzle is a life-saver​...​worth visiting any time you feel your inbox getting clogged up.

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