Ok, how does this work?

It's not that difficult, really. We look for special parts of email messages to determine whether the message is bulk mail or not. A human never reads your email. Our software just examines them for the telltale signs of bulk. You do almost the same thing when you sort your regular snail mail. subscribe to with anyone but you.

How does my email account stay safe?

The communication between our servers and your email servers is encrypted to keep out prying eyes.

We have no interest, business-wise or otherwise, in knowing or revealing what's in your inbox. We ARE interested in creating an awesome consumer experience and having our fans tell their friends about The Swizzle. Any breach of trust pretty much puts us out of business. So, we take that encryption seriously and search, sort and present only bulk mail with you at the controls.

Additionally, we use Symantec SSL and you can verify that The Swizzle is secure by clicking the link below:


I created a Daily Digest, then didn't get one. Did something go wrong?

Not at all. The lovely thing is – some email senders don’t send email everyday (thankfully!). So there will be days when your digest is completely empty – meaning NONE of your preferred brands sent email that day. In those cases, we don't send you a digest. That's the point – to keep out the clutter. So if you don't see a Swizzle Daily Digest one day, it's not us…it's them! Your brands are taking a day off from emailing you.

What email clients or providers does The Swizzle support?

We support:

  • Gmail
  • Google Apps
  • Yahoo! Mail (including SBC Global, BT Internet, Talk21 and other services that use Yahoo! Mail)
  • AOL
  • Mac.com
  • Me.com
  • Hotmail (including Live.com, Outlook.com, Livemail.com and other web services offered by Microsoft)

I know I unsubscribed from a mailing list but I'm still getting email from them!

After a sender receives an unsubscribe request, they have 10 days to remove you from their mailing lists. During that time, you may still receive email from them. There's really nothing we can do about that, but eventually the emails will stop.

I know I moved a sender into my Daily Digest, but then I still see them in my regular Inbox.

That does happen, rarely, and I’m sorry it happened to you. Senders are savvy, and many of them use multiple sender-addresses for their bulk mailings. So, while we may have moved [email protected] from your inbox, they may send from [email protected] one day and [email protected] another day. We’re working hard to catch all instances of the same sender and manage them to your preferences.

I see a folder in my Inbox called, "Swizzle Sweeper." What's that?

That's us! Hi! We collect the emails that you've opted to put into your Daily Digest as they come in, then deliver them to you in your Daily Digest at your preferred time. It's our "holding pen" for your preferred brand emails where we gather them up for once-a-day (or week) delivery in your Daily Digest.

I see some messages in my "Sent Items" folder that I didn't send. Did you do that?

Yes, we did. When we can, we send an email from you to a special address that a sender has made available for unsubscribe requests. This is one of the ways we automatically unsubscribe you from mailing lists.

I ran a scan and it missed some messages

Our process isn't perfect ... yet. We do miss things from time to time. If you'd like to help improve Swizzle Sweeper forward the message we missed to [email protected] . Make sure to remove any personal information, if necessary. We'll take a look at it and add the unsubscribe information to our systems for future use.

I want to cancel my Daily Digest

You can cancel your daily digest at any time by logging in, going to My Stuff, choosing My Account and clicking the link in the 'Digest Items' section. You can then move email items back to your inbox, remove brands from your digest or cancel your account completely. We do not make any permanent changes to your email account. Sorry to see you go! :(

I'm a blogger or journalist just looking for information

Send us an email at [email protected] We'll answer any questions you can throw at us.

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